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Dr. Andrew Dutta is a professional KP Astrologer and Vedic astrologer based in India. He is popularly known in the field of astrology (Jyotisha) as “Sri Indrajit”. He was born in a family of astrologers that is continuing astrological practice for the last 200 years.

He is the son of renowned astrologer of Kolkata, India “Srimati Deblina” and is personally trained by 2 great astrology Gurus of India “Jyotiryogi” and P.V.K. Punneswar Rao.

Dr. Andrew regularly provides Kundli software & professional consultancy in all aspects of astrology which includes Birth Time Rectification, Horoscope Analysis, “Prashna” (specific query) Analysis, Matrimonial Horoscope Matching, Mars (Mangal/Manglik/Kuja) Dosha Analysis, Remedial Measures Guidance, Numerological Name Balancing, Life Reading of Horoscope and Prophetic Dream Analysis

Here you will find scholarly articles written by Dr.Andrew Dutta(Sri Indrajit). Many of these articles are research papers that were published in reputed journals and magazines of astrology